Complete Interior Kit

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A versatile all purpose cleaner, Decon Degreaser can be diluted to a number of solutions. Decon Degreaser is the ideal solution to any problem, no pun intended! Use for detailing your vehicle or cleaning up the shop after a long day of work, or for any tough job in between. The applications are Limitless!

Limitless Car Care COCKPIT CLEAN is a simple solution to clean upholstery, vinyl, carpet, plastic, floormats and smooth leather without damaging surfaces. Gently cleans, lifts stains, and deodorizes offensive smells on most surfaces. Quickly penetrates to remove pollutants, oils, stains, food spills, smoke film and ground in dirt. Safe on most wettable surfaces, With added UV Protection. Follow your COCKPIT CLEAN with your COCKPIT CARE to leave a clean, dressed and UV protected surface that is not slick or greasy to the touch when dry.

Cockpit Care was designed with UV neutralizers to battle the harsh rays of the sun and protect the surfaces found inside your vehicle, including dash, plastic, vinyl, and leather. Cockpit Care leaves a clean dressed look and is not slick or greasy to the touch when dry. Formulated to perform as a one-step light cleaner and dressing, Cockpit Care allows you to skip a step and go directly to dressing your interior without first wiping down lightly soiled surfaces.

These Ultra-Soft brushes are specifically designed for light duty cleaning on scratch-prone automotive surfaces, such as "Piano black" interior panels found in many modern cars. They also work great for instrument and infotainment panel dusting and cleaning as well as detailing around badges and emblems where boar's hair may mar the surface. Featuring ergonomically designed and balanced handles, you will be able to clean longer, safer, and more comfortably than with other detailing brushes on the market.

This Plush Microfiber Silk Edge Towel is the work horse of car care. Dependable and durable, this terry towels for car cleaning is by far the number one seller among auto detailing towels. One side of these auto detail microfiber towels is plush, perfect for waterless car washes, quick detailers, and interior dusting; the other side is woven tight, with no pile, and cuts through wax and polish residue with ease. The high pile microfiber terry cloth side is gentler, and the low pile side has more bite. A bound edge with our soft silk binding which provides durability and protects from scratching.


- Decon Degreaser 16oz

- Cockpit Clean 16oz

- Cockpit Care 16oz

- Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set 

- Silk Edge Microfiber x3 


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