Microfiber Madness Chipmunk Jr. (16" x 16")


Microfiber Madness Chipmunk Jr. (16" x 16") *New*


At SEMA 2019 the world witnessed the introduction of Microfiber Madness' newest creation and NOW its available to you!  The super soft "stripes" are slightly longer than the twisted loop fibers, which elevates the twisted loop fibers to only graze the paint with less pressure whilst still absorbing all the liquid!  The Chipmunk Jr. features a SUPER absorbent twisted loop "stripe" followed by a SUPER soft "Dry Me Crazy" fashioned fiber utilized for the next "stripe".  This pattern repeats across the towel and is in fact the only towel on the market with equal sides of striped perfection!  

This incredible new design is brand new on the market with the perfect marriage of softness and absorbency!  Additionally the Chipmunk is the only towel designed with 1000gsm that utilizes this design!  

Microfiber Madness has never liked the idea of a drying towel that did not feel safe for the paint.  Therefore the thought process behind their new design was to utilize the softness of a Dry Me Crazy and the absorbency of a twisted loop towel. 

Expect incredible water absorption because of the twisted loop fibers and crazy softness coming with the added stripes made of extra plush material.

Following the Microfiber Madness motto, "Always create the extraordinary" they developed this product to provide the best possible drying towel available!  

The Chipmunk Jr. Towel combines the 2 worlds of twisted loop fibers and super soft high pile fibers to create the EXACT towel every towel aficionado has dreamt of!  Buy yours here today!   

Target Applications:

  • Drying


  • Excellent absorption!
  • Super Soft!
  • Dual Hybrid stripes ^
  • Microfiber Border
  • Twisted loop
  • Tagless
  • Lint Free


  • Size: 16" x 16"
  • Blend: Hybrid
  • Gsm: 1000
  • Edge: Microfiber Edge
  • Color: Grey
  • Assembled in Germany