Iron Retract Iron & Fallout Remover


Limitless Car Care IRON RETRACT is completely safe and effective on both automotive paint and safely cleans clear coats. Note: IRON RETRACT should not be used on bare metal parts, brake calipers, wheel balancing weights, or some paint repairs. Mask off these areas. Avoid letting IRON RETRACT dry on any surface. It’s easy to use and you can visibly see it working! This is a clear solution in the bottle but it turns purple when it comes into contact with sintered iron particles. IRON RETRACT turns the iron into a water soluble complex for easy removal. After five minutes of dwell time, wipe down the surface and rinse thoroughly. After using Iron Remover, you can polish and clay your vehicle as you normally would. After your car is prepped properly with IRON RETRACT and one of our compounds or polishes, it is ready for wax, sealant or other forms of surface protection.