Grit Guard

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The washing process places a vehicle at a high risk for incurring damage to the paint. When washing we strive to take every precaution to reduce possible scratching from debris or improper washing materials. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked that the dirt and grime that is removed from the vehicle goes into the rinse bucket, where it floats freely in the solution and contaminates the wash media. The Grit Guard is a proven, cost effective tool to solve this problem, reducing the risk of scratching during a wash. The Grit Guard Bucket Insert sits at the bottom of your wash and rinse buckets and works to trap any dirt that is released from the wash media. The Grit Guard divides the bottom of the bucket into four quadrants, eliminating water currents that stir up the collected grit on the bottom of the bucket. It also provides a great surface to scrub off any imbedded particles in your wash mitt or brushes after cleaning the inside of a wheel well, running board, or any other heavily contaminated area of the vehicle.