Flex PE14-2-150 Rotary Buffer/Polisher

The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Buffer/Polisher makes paint correction, leveling and polishing easier than it has ever been! This is the BMW of rotary buffers - smooth ride, superior handling, and German engineering. The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Buffer/Polisher is well adapted to the needs of the user with benefits you won't get from another rotary buffer.

The FLEX PE 14-2-150 Buffer/Polisher is shaped to give your hand and wrist a comfortable place to rest during operation. We know it looks different, but it is very, very comfortable.

The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Buffer/Polisher is built to minimize user fatigue with an ergonomic design and lightweight body. It weighs in at just 5.6 pounds! The front of the polisher is perfectly curved to fit the user's hand and coated in rubber for superior comfort. The spindle lock mechanism is located behind the hump you see in the picture above so you cannot accidentally press it. This is not the heavy, cumbersome buffer of the past.

The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Buffer/Polisher is built to be light, agile, and fast - perfect for the professional detailer who spend hours behind a buffer.

To make your polishing experience even more pleasant, the FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is quiet. A new combination of planetary and bevel gear provides extreme noise reduction. The gears are hardened stainless steel for excellent durability. The new gears are quiet and ultra-durable!

A powerful internal fan provides optimized airflow to cool the engine and transmission to prevent heat buildup in the polisher. A cooler running buffer operates more efficiently and is easier to handle.

The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Buffer/Polisher is powerful! It has a 1400 watt motor with a no-load speed range of 600-2100 rpm. It's capable of high speed compounding, but it also works smoothly when polishing at low speeds. A convenient acceleration switch allows you to start slow and gradually increase the speed. You can lock the speed for continuous operation.

Like all of our FLEX polishers, the FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher has some sophisticated electronics to help you get the best results. VR electronics include variable speed selection, consistent speed control by tachometer generator, overload protection, restart protection, and temperature monitoring.

The acceleration trigger, trigger lock, and speed dial are all within easy reach on the FLEX PE14-2-150 Polisher.

If you're new to buffing and polishing with a rotary buffer or just looking for a more easier to use machine, the FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is the best choice. It is lightweight, ergonomic design and cool-running, quiet motor will make polishing your vehicle enjoyable!

Technical Specifications:

Backing Plate Max Diameter: 6" (not from Flex)
Spindle: 5/8"
Polishing Pad Max Diameter: 8"
Speed Without Load: 600-2100 RPM
Power Input: 10 AMP 1400 Watt
Power Output: 800 Watt
Handle: Side
Length: 15.75"
Height: 4.7"
Weight: 5.6 LBS.
Cord: 13 Feet

Made in Germany