Clay Sponge - Fine

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The bar has been raised, a new innovation for claying your vehicle has set the new standard for paint decontamination! The Limitless Car Care Clay Sponge gives you superior performance and professional results. This synthetic advanced rubber polymer Clay Sponge is designed to remove bonded surface contaminants. The advanced rubber polymer coating applied to this foam block replaces traditional clay. It can be used longer, cleaned more easily, and doesn't need kneading!

Clay plays a critical role in preparing paint for detailing. We clay after we wash the vehicle and before we begin to polish. Clay was designed to remove bonded surface contaminants like rail dust, industrial fallout, over spray, tar, and more. It achieves this by manually removing and "grabbing" the bonded surface contaminants. In order for clay to remove contaminants you must use a clay bar lubricant, like our Clay Spray, that allows the clay to gently glide over non contaminated surfaces without causing swirls or scratches. Clay Spray makes an excellent clay bar lubricant because of it's super slickness and contains the lubricants necessary to protect the paint while claying. As an added bonus, Clay Spray will not leave a residue behind after claying like some clay lubricants, so there's no need to rewash after claying. Simply wipe Clay Spray off the paint with a microfiber towel and you're ready to polish!

Get a fresh start to your detail and grab your Limitless Car Care Clay Sponge today. Also be sure to check out our Clay Kits for super savings!