Best In Show Bundle

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Why The Best in Show Bundle? This kit speaks for itself! This is the pro arsenal that has been designed for any and all detailing enthusiasts needs. It is jam packed with all the soap, shine, cut, and accessories you would need from the start to finish. **Additional Discounts and coupons not applicable as this is a SALE ITEM. **

  • Lather up and watch dirt and debris disappear from exterior paint, wheel's, and windows or Strip Down with a Pre Detail wash that is harsh on old wax, oils, build up, and road grime yet gentle on all of your vehicles surfaces 
  • Retaliate gets the job done by blasting through brake dust and road grime while letting you know it's working by changing colors. Unlike many degreasers, Retaliate is pH balanced and can be safely used on all wheel finishes.
  • Decon Degreaser is the ideal solution to any problem, no pun intended! Use for detailing your vehicle or cleaning up the shop after a long day of work, or for any tough job in between. The applications are Limitless!
  • No detail is complete without clean, dressed tires, and Grip Gloss is a tire dressing that puts the finishing touch on the perfect detail. Grip Gloss was carefully designed to offer superior protection by forming a barrier to block harmful UV rays from attacking the rubber compounds in the tire. Grip Gloss is ideal for use on all tires and can easily achieve a slick and shiny or flat and matte finish.
  • Getting the perfect shine should be an effortless task, Simple Shine! Blended with super polymers to amp up the shine, slickness, and gloss of any painted surface. Swift Shine includes #1 Brazilian Carnauba Wax that acts as a protective barrier between the vehicle and the elements, all while delivering a stunning shine and lasting gloss.
  • Show off your attention to detail as you resuscitate your interior. Cockpit Care was designed with UV neutralizers to battle the harsh rays of the sun and protect the surfaces found inside your vehicle, including dash, plastic, vinyl, and leather. Cockpit Care leaves a clean dressed look and is not slick or greasy to the touch when dry.
  • Don't drag out the hose and bucket when all that's needed is a waterless wash to get the job done. Waterless Wipe offers a quick, effective, and environmentally friendly cleaning option that is safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces. 
  • Claying the vehicle removes bonded surface contaminants such as overspray, tar, industrial fallout, and rail dust. Clay Spray was engineered with superior lubricity, allowing the clay to effortlessly glide over the surface while removing bonded surface contaminants without scratching.
  • Forget about the streaking and hazing left behind by the average glass cleaners - this strong and easy to use cleaner can break through the heaviest of haze with ease, Glass Cleaner. 
  • Save time and make detailing a breeze with One Stop Shop. Weeknight warriors don't always have the time for a multi-stage detail. Like harnessing the power of a professional detailer in one bottle, One Stop Shop does it all, working hard to clean, polish, shine, and protect.
  • Combine the awe inspiring luster of a wax, the superior protection of a sealant into one easy to use product and you get Sublime! Packed with Brazilian Carnauba wax for an unmatched deep, rich gloss and loaded with advanced polymers for months of protection, Sublime is a hybrid combination that goes on and comes off like butter.
  • Uppercut is a diminishing abrasive based polish that offers a heavy cut solution with minimal dusting and stunning finish. Uppercut was carefully formulated to be user friendly for professionals and hobbyists alike. For machine use only. 
  • Put an end to light swirls and marring with Knockout. Whether as a follow-up to Uppercut or working on its own, Knockout delivers the final punch to turn up the shine. For machine use only. Dual action and rotary approved; microfiber, foam, and wool friendly.


Lather 16oz x1
Strip Down 16oz x1
Simple Shine 16oz x1
Swift Shine 16oz x1
Decon Degreaser 16oz x1
Retaliate 16oz x1
Grip Gloss 16oz x1
Waterless Wipe 16oz x1
Sublime 16oz x1
One Stop 16oz x1
Glass Cleaner 16oz x1
Clay Spray 16oz x1
Knockout 16oz x1
Uppercut 16oz x1
Cockpit Care 16oz x1
Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt x1
Budget Buddy Microfiber (16x16) x6 
Waffle weave Window and Glass x1
Short/Long Handle Wheel Brush x1
EZ Detail Wheel Brush x1
Boars Hair Detail Brush Set x1
Contoured Tire Dressing Applicator x1
Applicator Pad x3