About #TeamLCC

Meet Rae 

#LCCFavorite: Grip Gloss V2

Rae is #TeamLCC Director of Brand Development. She has a long-time passion for the automotive and aerospace industries. Growing up alongside racetracks and runways, from a female perspective her head naturally turned towards the cars that were glistening clean and showroom ready. In that moment, her passion was fueled by the interest in detailing and what people were using to detail their car. Not only the professionals at the helm of major corporate businesses with 150 shops across the country... But also considering the weekend warriors with a million products lining their shelf in the garage as they stay up all night after a day's work in the garage getting ready for a day at the track or a judged lineup at a car show. Often people have a number of different products that all do the same thing, but how do you decide? To pick up one product over the other? The business model behind development of Limitless Car Care is to offer a Premium formula product, for each automotive use with consumer ease in mind. Straight forward products that work, and the ideal cleaning solutions to provide world class results but without the gimmicky tricks to reel in the consumer. Built on passion and the love for car care, Rae is working alongside the #TeamLCC board and an amazing team of blenders to create advanced technology in car care, to stand superior to anything else on the market and keep your investment protected!
Meet Chad 
#LCCFavorite: Repel
Chad is #TeamLCC Director of Shipping and Operations. 

Meet Kyle 
#LCCFavorite: Cockpit Clean
Kyle is #TeamLCC Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. If you're looking for a face behind the keyboard, He's your guy! Growing up one of Kyle’s biggest interests was in sneaker culture and collectables. Since joining #TeamLCC over two years years ago, he compares the sneaker community to being very similar to the automotive industry. Car enthusiasts and sneakerheads relate in that they are proud of the sneakers/cars that they own, love showing them off and most importantly KEEPING THEM CLEAN! After being around those who have such passion for cars and detailing it began to grow on him as well. Having a nice clean car to show your friends is a great feeling that makes you appreciate those who put the effort into it. Providing a top-quality product at an amazing price is what we look to give in value to our customers, and at the same time having FUN! 
Meet #TeamLCCDetailingDogs 
What would we be without our staff? Meet the MVP's on #TeamLCC, the hardest working dogs in the game. 
"Mazzy Moo" 
Bonnie and Benson 
"Bad Bonnie" 
Our #TeamLCCLegend 
"You will forever be a part of us and live on in our hearts, Until we meet again
run & play in paradise big guy"