Which Interior Products Are for You? Cockpit Clean vs. Cockpit Care

Which Interior Products Are for You? Cockpit Clean vs. Cockpit Care

Which Interior Products Are for You? Cockpit Clean vs. Cockpit Care

We all want long lasting protection for our vehicle both inside and out, but with what seems to be a never-ending lineup of interior products across the board, how do you decide which one is your go-to? We're here to break it down for you!

We have created a simple, user-friendly 2 step system, for your all of your interior car care needs.

First question to ask yourself? What type of surface are you working on? Is it dashboard, plastic, vinyl, or carpet? 

The Limitless Car Care Interior Lineup consists of 5 easy products: Cockpit Clean, Cockpit Care, Leather Clean, Leather Care, Glass Cleaner

Next question to ask yourself, what type of result is it that you looking for? Are you someone who likes a clean, natural, fresh new car finish? Or perhaps, you seeking a clean and dressed look with a glossy, rich finish? This will ultimately determine whether or not you utilize the 2-step system.

Now let's break it down ~ 

Cockpit Clean is a simple solution, cleaner and deodorizer. This is an easy spray-on, wipe-off formula that will work hard on soiled upholstery, vinyl, carpet, plastic, floormats, and rubber without damaging surfaces. Gently clean, lift stains, and deodorize offensive smells on most surfaces. Cockpit Clean will quickly penetrate to remove pollutants, oils, stains, food spills, smoke film and ground in dirt.

Now that your surfaces are clean... Are you are seeking that deeper, dressed look with a glossy, rich finish? You're going to want to move to Step 2, Cockpit Care

Cockpit Care was designed with UV neutralizers to battle the harsh, damaging rays of the sun and protect the surfaces found inside your vehicle including dash, plastic, and vinyl. It will leave a clean, dressed look and is not slick or greasy to the touch when dry. For lightly soiled surfaces, Cockpit Care can also be used as a simple one-step light cleaner and dressing, allowing you to skip a step and go directly to dressing your interior without first wiping down.

Now let's talk application, we have sourced the best applicators and sponges for your interior needs. The Interior Upholstery and Leather Microfiber Scrubbing Sponge will change your life when it comes to cleaning and dressing your interior. It's 2 sponges in one! Gently scrub away dust, dirt, and debris with Cockpit Clean on the yellow sponge side. The microfiber mesh material provides the right amount of texture to scrub deep into upholstery when spot cleaning, or detailing. Follow up and dress with Cockpit Care on the grey terry cloth microfiber side to leave a lasting shine for days! When applying conditioner or dressing, the terry cloth works the product deep into the surface's pores.  As always, buff away any excess product with a microfiber towel like the Elite Silk Edge Microfiber Detailing Towel, if necessary. 

Now that you have cleaned, deodorized, and even dressed your vehicles interior surfaces... Last thing to do before you get moving is clean that glass. Limitless Car Care Glass Cleaner is specifically designed to be user-friendly and safe for all glass surfaces. Forget about the streaking and hazing left behind by the average glass cleaners - this strong and easy to use cleaner can break through the heaviest of haze with ease. Formulated with purity in mind and containing no additional colors or scents, Limitless Car Care Glass Cleaner will leave nothing but clean, streak-free glass!

Do you have smooth leather seats and surfaces in your vehicle? Be sure to check out our next blog! 

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