How To Extend The Life of Your Limitless Car Care® Ceramic Coating

How To Extend The Life of Your Limitless Car Care® Ceramic Coating

How To Extend The Life of Your Limitless Car Care® Ceramic Coating

How To Extend The Life of Your Limitless Car Care® Ceramic Coating

The question is often asked but there is never a great explanation. Don't worry we are here to help! 

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First, we must review what a ceramic coating does. A ceramic coating protects the different surfaces of your vehicle by creating in simple terms another clear coat. When the contents of the ceramic coating harden/cure they turn into a crystal-like material. This happens on the surface of the vehicle as well but since it's a super thin layer our eyes can only see the enhanced gloss this then creates. On top of the gloss, it provides it offers enhanced protection against the environmental elements we encounter every day. Protecting your clear coat from the acidic rain, salt, UV rays, snow, or whatever else. It also helps protect your clear coat from light scratches as it creates a barrier between it and the clear coat which protects your paint.

Ceramic coatings and sprays have been the latest craze to hit the automotive car industry as they offer the greatest protection and gloss enhancing capabilities. These coatings contain a few key ingredients and every brand of coating has their own formula, however, the main key ingredient in all of them is Sio2 or Silica Dioxide. This is also the main ingredient in glass and is often why ceramic coatings are referred to as "glass coatings". However, just because it's a stronger protection element for your vehicle it is important to note that caring for it properly enhances the durability and life of the coating.


While our Ceramic Coatings are chemical resistant, helping extend the life of the coating and its hydrophobic attributes can be done easily and without hassle. We offer a few solutions to ensure the investment you put into your newly coated vehicle is protected and lasts a long time. Starting first with our Recharge Si02 Soap for Ceramic Coated Surfaces soap, designed specifically with coated vehicles in mind. While this soap can also be used on non-coated vehicle, the purpose of this soap is to enhance and rejuvenate the hydrophobic characteristics of your coated surfaces. The infusion of Si02 in Recharge allows for exactly what its name implies, a Recharge of your coating. 

Post Wash

After you have washed your vehicle it’s time to ensure best practices for drying. We offer a few touch less solutions for those looking to ensure the best possible results (Blo Air-S, Blo Air-RS, Blo Air-GT) as well as the following great drying towels… (Elite Silk Edge Microfiber Detailing Towel - Black, Elite Silk Edge Microfiber Detailing Towel - Blue, Silver Supreme Microfiber Towel (16" x 16")

Once dry, we recommend using our Repel Si02 Spray Detailer 6 Months Protection. Repel allows you to remove any potential missed water spots and or streaks from the drying process while adding another layer of Si02 enhanced protection. Not only will this help extend the life of your coating even further, it will give you more of that great gloss you desire while helping improve hydrophobicity. 
Even if your vehicle isn't protected with a ceramic coating, Repel can offer up to 6 months of surface protection by itself with proper maintenance. 

Life Beyond Application

These are just a few key-ways to ensure your extending the life of the ceramic coating you took the time and money to have installed. While practicing your Limitless Car Care wash routine, adding these steps will help ensure you are doing all you can to keep that coating fresh. Remember to do a proper wash process and keep the surface as slick as possible as abrasion is the number one enemy to any coating. Keep your investment protected!