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Why the Starter Kit? Whether you are weekend warrior that likes their vehicle to shine before leaving the garage or a seasoned detailer in the industry for decades, The Starter Kit includes everything you need on your shelf for day to day use. ** Additional discounts and coupons not applicable as this is a SALE ITEM. **


  • Lather up and watch dirt and debris disappear from exterior paint, wheel's, and windows or Strip Down with a Pre Detail wash that is harsh on old wax, oils, build up, and road grime yet gentle on all of your vehicles surfaces 
  • Retaliate gets the job done by blasting through brake dust and road grime while letting you know it's working by changing colors. Unlike many degreasers, Retaliate is pH balanced and can be safely used on all wheel finishes.
  • No detail is complete without clean, dressed tires, and Grip Gloss is a tire dressing that puts the finishing touch on the perfect detail. Grip Gloss was carefully designed to offer superior protection by forming a barrier to block harmful UV rays from attacking the rubber compounds in the tire. Grip Gloss is ideal for use on all tires and can easily achieve a slick and shiny or flat and matte finish.
  • Swift Shine includes #1 Brazilian Carnauba Wax that acts as a protective barrier between the vehicle and the elements, all while delivering a stunning shine and lasting gloss.


  • Don't drag out the hose and bucket when all that's needed is a waterless wash to get the job done. Waterless Wipe offers a quick, effective, and environmentally friendly cleaning option that is safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces. Waterless Wipe is formulated with emulsifiers to lift and suspend contaminants, and superior lubricity to wipe them away without damaging the paint or delicate areas of the vehicle. For best results use with a Limitless Infinity Microfiber Towel, and follow-up with Limitless Swift Shine. 

  • Show off your attention to detail as you resuscitate your interior. Cockpit Care was designed with UV neutralizers to battle the harsh rays of the sun and protect the surfaces found inside your vehicle, including dash, plastic, vinyl, and leather. Cockpit Care leaves a clean dressed look and is not slick or greasy to the touch when dry.
  • Forget about the streaking and hazing left behind by the average glass cleaners - this strong and easy to use cleaner can break through the heaviest of haze with ease. Formulated with purity in mind and containing no additional colors or scents, Limitless Car Care Glass Cleaner will leave nothing but clean, streak-free glass!


Lather 16oz x1
Swift Shine 16oz x1
Glass cleaner 16oz x1
Retaliate 16oz x1
Grip Gloss 16oz x1
Waterless Wipe x1
Cockpit Care 16oz x1
Budget Buddy Microfiber (16x16) x6
Short Handle Wheel Brush x1
*Product label may vary, Version 1 of the label design will be phased out as inventory is diminished and Version 2 will move into production. The product itself has no physical change in this process*