Wash & Protect Bundle

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Our Wash & Protect bundle includes your washing essentials as well as our newly formulated REPEL to protect that wash work. 



  • Limitless Lather 16oz
  • Strip Down 16oz
  • Repel 16oz
  • Limitless Car Care® Extreme Release Foam Cannon
  • Titan Mitt 
  • (3) Super Absorbent Silk Edge Microfiber Cloths 

Bathe your vehicle in a rich lather of cleaners, gloss enhancers, paint protectors, and lubrication with Limitless Lather. Specially engineered to be hard on grime and dirt with a superior dwell time, but gentle on wax and sealants while giving an extra boost of protection and gloss. Limitless Lather is PH neutral and biodegradable. Use as a maintenance wash as often as desired without fear of stripping the vehicle's protection. For use with a traditional two bucket wash, or create endless suds with a foam cannon.


Working with a clean surface prior to detailing is vital. Strip Down is a pre-detail soap that is tough on grime and oils but gentle on all of your vehicle's surfaces. Use Strip Down prior to detailing so you can strip away old wax, oils, build up, road grime, and more letting you start fresh with every detail. Strip Down is highly concentrated and provides endless suds in a foam cannon or bucket wash.


Limitless Car Care REPEL is the brainchild of years of research. REPEL combines the protection qualities of ceramic coatings with ease of function from a quick detailer. This formula advances any other previous si02 spray detailer options to now include additional resins, micro emulsions, and other additives including the same graphene-oxide ceramic resins that go into the bottled top coats. This has allowed the formula to gain additional durability and detergency resistance to keep it relative with the ever-expanding technologies currently on the market. By including these highly selective additives, REPEL remains as easy to apply and less prone to streaking leaving the surface extremely hydrophobic and highly slick and glossy. Use standalone or as a quarterly detailer as part of a maintenance regimen on most exterior surfaces including paint, chrome, and plastic.