Interior Carpet and Upholstery Kit

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Decon Degreaser is a versatile all purpose cleaner, Decon Degreaser can be diluted to a number of solutions. Decon Degreaser is the ideal solution to any problem, no pun intended! Use for detailing your vehicle or cleaning up the shop after a long day of work, or for any tough job in between. The applications are Limitless! Have the ease of forming your own dilution ratios with an empty clear PVC 16oz bottle w/ Sprayer. Carpet Brushes with Drill Attachment are the fastest, most efficient and thorough way to remove tough stains across carpet, upholstery, and fabric with powerful scrubbing action.  

Use This Brush To: 

  • Save tons of elbow grease
  • Intensely scrub without breaking
  • Agitate deep down into fibers
  • Dislodge deep dirt and stains
  • Save valuable time and energy 

Quickly Dislodge Dirt And Stains

Carpet Brushes with Drill Attachment are designed for powerful scrubbing action with a power drill. Use brushes on tough stains across carpet, upholstery, and fabric. Carpet Brushes are made with durable polypropylene bristles, heavy duty plastic base plate, and rugged steel shank. Power drill chucks grip onto the brush shank tightly for a secure hold while spinning at high speeds. 



- 16oz Decon Degreaser 

- 16oz Cockpit Clean 

- 16oz Empty bottle with Sprayer 

- Medium Duty Carpet Drill Brush attachment