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Before you say "how could you!", sometimes professional detailers (think fleet vehicles, like 18 wheelers and vans) or customers with large toys like RV's, boats, planes, and trailers, need a solution to fast and effective "safe" washing. These massive modes of transportation need to get cleaned without taking half the day to wash them with a wash mitt and the super delicate process we use on our prized vehicles. We were asked by quite a few of our customers to carry a pole mountable, cost effective, durable washing solution, and our Super Soft Nylon Wash Brush nails it! We looked at all kinds of bristle materials from boars hair (too expensive) to microfiber chenille (too easily loaded with debris), and these Nylon brushes combined the three things we were after: soft, economical, and durable. Nylon is a super durable material that can stand up to chemicals and prolonged use but is feathered at the ends for softness. That means we can get the ease of use and softness of boars hair at a price that won't break the bank! This brush is even wrapped with a bumper so the occasional bump won't cause damage.

The only thing this brush is missing is a pole that can be easily picked up at your local hardware store in the paint or broom section, avoiding the expensive shipping costs associated with irregular items. This brush has the ability to be a fountain brush with water flow through the head when using with the appropriate handle.


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