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For use with pressure washers only.

Get your suds on with the best foam cannon and soap combination on the market! Limitless Car Care took time to test out tons of foam cannons and a clear winner was chosen. The MTM PF22.2 Professional Foam Cannon is without a doubt the BEST FOAM CANNON ON THE MARKET. One of the largest advantages to the PF22.2 is it's ability to switch the fan pattern from a horizontal (up and down) to a vertical (left and right) pattern with a simple twist of the wrist. This allows you to spray every contour of the vehicle more effectively and efficiently. Italian made and built to last, this professional foam cannon is everything you are looking for.

Foam cannons have really grown in the detailing industry because like everything else we look to use, it makes our job easier and most importantly reduces swirls and scratches. Foam cannons lay down a thick lather by utilizing a special air injecting nozzle that infuses the soapy water solution with thousands of tiny air bubbles creating that thick rich foam we all love to see. The main benefit of using a foam cannon while washing is to have the emulsifiers in the soap, in this case Limitless Lather, get to work before we touch the paint with our wash mitt. Think of it like letting a dirty dish sit in the sink while filled with soapy water- it loosens up the food so you don't have to scrub as hard when you go to clean it. We want the same thing while washing a vehicle, let the soap sit on the finish so it can loosen up the dirt and grime so we don't have to scrub to remove it, thus reducing the potential for swirls and scratches.

When using a foam cannon you still use your same two buckets for wash water (soapy) and rinse water. First you clean your rims, wheel wells, and tires, then rinse off the entire vehicle to remove any bulk dirt and grit (like bird droppings, leaves, heavy contamination, etc.). Now it's time to foam down the vehicle. Dilute Limitless Lather 1:10 (LL:Water) in the solution bottle and attach the cannon to your pressure washer wand. Spray the entire vehicle down, coating every part of the vehicle with foam, and allow to sit for a few minutes so the foam can loosen up the grime. Rinse foam away and re foam. Now wash and rinse as you normally would knowing you have extra protection on the vehicle between your wash mitt and paint.

Features of the MTM PF22.2:
- A solid brass body that is built to last
- In-line filter to prevent damage to the nozzle
- Large high quality 32oz. solution bottle
- Fully adjustable spray pattern from fan to stream
- Adjustable fan pattern from vertical to horizontal
- Positive "Click" feedback for adjusting the amount of solution being used
- 1,100 - 5,000 PSI
- 1.4 - 5.3 GPM
- 140° F maximum temperature