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Each and every El Rey towel is inspected twice by hand to ensure perfection. Any missed stitch, run in the fabric, or improper seam gets the towel a new home, in what we call the "seconds" pile. This "seconds" pile of towels is comprised of those that didn't make the first cut, but just like players that don't make the draft they still perform incredibly!

We use these towels in our shop everyday as they do not have decreased performance, or safety, of the towel in the least! We often see these seconds still going strong after many years of use. Most all of these "seconds" towels fall into the missed stitch and bad seam category, which are issues with the border of the towel, while the entire fabric surface stays as precious and beautiful as the full priced towels! If you don't mind a small imperfection to save a ton of money on one of the highest quality Korean towels on the market THEN THESE ARE FOR YOU!

We also suggest these towels to those who are skeptical of the insane quality that Korean towels bring to the table and why they demand such a price tag, you can be the judge while not making a huge investment in towels.

So get yourself a 5 or 10 pack of El Rey seconds and let your car feel the softness and performance it's been missing.

Original El Rey Description
"El Rey" means The King, and this is certainly the King of the microfiber empire. Made from the finest Korean microfiber, El Rey boasts a mighty 400 g/m2 and a silk border, maximizing performance and eliminating the risk of marring and scratching. The double sided design makes El Rey perfect for a multitude of applications. Treat your vehicle like royalty by using El Rey Towels from Limitless Car Care. Don't forget that the king needs to rest after a long day of ruling paint, let El Rey relax with Limitless Care Care Microfiber Meditation laundry detergent.

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