MicroFiber Madness Incredipad XL

Type: Wash Mitt

MicroFiber Madness Incredipad XL

 The Incredipad XL is here!!  Anticipation of this incredible tool is through the roof!  With a record number of requests, emails, posts, and calls throughout the detailing community over the past few months, I can proudly tell you it was worth the wait!  Never one to simply do the obvious or settle for good enough, Microfiber Madness utilized an extremely special manufacturing process for their new tool!  

For the Incredipad XL an integrated sponge/incredi material was conceived and fabricated for the new addition to avoid any separation of sponge from pad! Meanwhile the interior foam material absorbs the perfect amount of water from the bucket providing wash solution to be released equally over an extended period. The plush custom blended fibers are designed to remove dirt particles from your paintwork and trap them deep in the fibers until it is rinsed at which point they slip out of the fibers with ease, minimizing the chances of swirls.  Last but not least, the edges and corners have been rounded and softened displaying the perfection in quality and dedication to quality control that has become synonymous with the entire Microfiber Madness brand!

A little history...

The first of the "Incredi" series, (the Microfiber Madness IncrediMITT) was released in 2013 while the original IncrediPAD was released in 2014!  The Microfiber Madness "Incredi" series of products merges the best of both mf and merino wool wash mitt theories.  Utilizing the well know cleansing abilities of microfiber, Madness created a special fiber blend enabling a thick "pile" to be created similar to those typically found in premium quality wool wash mitts.  The IncrediPad features a thick plush pile of ultra-soft but dense microfibers designed for even the most finicky enthusiasts and professionals worldwide...

A little context...

The rest of the market... With widely available cheaply made sponges and pads you will find other companies simply wrap some fabric over a general all purpose chinese foam and market it to you as though it is something special... When you begin using it, of course you find the sponge moves independent of the fabric, the corners are sharp and hard, the hem and stitches may be exposed, the corners are sharp, and the foam (especially on a larger pad) will hold too much water causing it to become a 10 lb brick that easily swirls your finish!  Microfiber Madness thought of ALL these challenges AND more when designing the Incredipad XL!  Not only did they think through each challenge, but they painstakingly and patiently came up with solutions to each!  As anticipation grew and our friends and fans clamored for the new tool, Microfiber Madness held steadfast in their resolve to continue perfecting the tool until what was produced is truly a masterpiece!  

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  • No separation between pad and interior sponge material
  • Extremely high quality
  • Smooth edges
  • Smooth rounded corners
  • 100% Genuine "Incredi" microfiber blend (only available from Microfiber Madness)
  • Plush pile
  • Excellent agitation power
  • Smooth gliding across all surfaces
  • Easily releases particles in rinse
  • Excellent durability
  • Uniquely integrated Incredi/foam material does not lose its shape, deform, or warp